Frequently asked questions

Are the ingredients of  MegaHydrate™ safe?

Yes, the ingredients of MegaHydrate™ are one hundred percent natural and safe; therefore it can help on the enhancement of overall health.

Are there any side effects reported by customers?

The product efficiency and safety has been clinically proved before being released to the market, and considering that only natural elements are part of the MegaHydrate™ formula, there have been nothing more but testimonials of welfare increment, customers are one hundred percent satisfied with the product since they are feeling better and healthier with the intake of MegaHydrate.

Why should I take this product?

You must be wondering about the benefits provided by MegaHydrate, first of all this product is a pro-life supplement, which means that it has been especially designed to enhance your overall health. This product has been made also to hydrate properly your body. Water is an essential component of life, and our body is constituted in about seventy percent by water.

Water is distributed on different compartments of the body and performs essential functions for the support of life: it contributes on the transportation of nourishments to the cells, it helps to kidneys in the removal of waste and toxins through urine; it helps to maintain elasticity, softness and tone of the skin, water regulates the body temperature, it also contributes to the well functioning of the brain. Water helps on a healthy performance of the heart, facilitates the digestion of nourishments and in the dissolution of nutrients. Water also lubricates joints and favors the right functioning of muscles.

Part of water in our organism is eliminated in a natural way as part of the process of depuration of waste and to balance the body temperature through different ways as breathing, sweating, and evaporation through the skin, urine and feces. The organism eliminates in a daily basis and in normal conditions about 2300 milliliters of water but this amount can be raised to 3300 milliliters if the body gets exposed to high temperatures.

The reposition of these liquids on a daily basis is what the hydration is about, in situations when more water is loss due to physical activity or to conditions or diseases a case of dehydration is taking place, because the amount of loss water can even triple. Liquids and nourishments help on hydration, it is estimated that foods contribute in twenty percent to twenty five percent of the hydration. The right way to hydrate is taking liquids in the course of the day, professionals estimate that in average the body requires from six to eight glasses of water per day.

Some studies have shown that with a greater variety of types of liquid it is more probable for the person to complete the requirement of water, soups and juices contribute with hydration. It is important to avoid as possible to include sugar on drinks since sugar can contribute on the excess of calories. MegaHydrate is an excellent product that helps in a better hydration.