Enhance your health with MegaHydrate

MegaHydrate Who hasn’t heard about products such as natural juices and fruit shakes enriched with vitamins A, C and E, even of candies that contain vitamins? And the variety of benefits obtained by the inclusion of vegetables and fruits on the daily diet? The media insist on the virtues of products enriched with vitamins and its possible benefits for health, highlighting their role in the fight against the oxidation of the organism in the presence of certain illness and aging.

What are the antioxidants?

It is a group of vitamins, minerals, nutrients, enzymes and other natural compounds (substances that can be found on our organism that get involved on multiple metabolic processes) which block the noxious effect produced by free radicals. Most of the antioxidants can be found on foods of vegetable origins which explains the importance of including vegetables, fruits and whole cereals in our diet in order to obtain as much benefits as possible.

Free radicals and oxidation

Breathing in the presence of oxygen turns out to be of main importance for cells of the organism, but as a consequence of this breathing some molecules are produced which are known as free radicals, which throughout the life are responsible for the emergence of negative effects on overall health for their capacity of altering the AND (gens), proteins and lipids or fats.

MegaHydrate In our body there are cells that continuously renew (on the skin and intestine) and others that do not renew. With the pass of the years free radicals can produce a genetic alteration over cells increasing the risk of emergence of cancer and reducing the functionality of other cells which is characteristic of aging.

Habits that are very common like practicing intense exercise, smoking, the consumption of diets enriched with fat and the over-exposition to sunlight, as the environmental contamination increase the production of free radicals.

Benefits provided by antioxidants

On recent years investigations have proven scientifically the important role played by antioxidant on pathologies that affect heart, in a variety of types of cancer, on AIDs and over other conditions directly related with the process of aging, like cataracts or nervous system disorders. Studies have focused mainly on the C Vitamin, E Vitamin, beta-carotenes, flavonoids, selenium and zinc.

The relation existing between these antioxidants and the heart diseases and probably the strokes has been effectively proven. It has been found that the modification of “bad cholesterol” (LDL-c) develops a very important role to stop the emergence of arteriosclerosis (abnormal thickening and hardness of the inner decks of blood vessels due to deposits of fat accumulated on them, which impedes or difficult the pass of blood).

Antioxidants are able to block free radicals that modify bad cholesterol reducing therefore the cardiovascular risk. On the other hand low levels of antioxidants can constitute a risk factor for certain types of cancer.

Nourishments that act as antioxidants

C Vitamin: it can be found on fruits and vegetables that are fresh and raw like kiwi, guava, mango, persimmon, pineapple, citrus, strawberries, melon, peppers, berries, tomato, Brassicas (vegetables of the family of cabbage).

E Vitamin (tocoferol): soybean oil, wheat germ, cereals germ or whole grain cereals, nuts, green leafy vegetables and olive oil.

Beta-carotene or “A pro-vitamin”: it belongs to the family of carotenoids among vegetables. The organism is capable of transform it on A Vitamin. It posses the same properties as the A vitamin and of the antioxidants that act over the free radicals. Recently its role on the prevention of emergence of cataracts has been proven as its beneficial effect on inflammatory processes and those related with aging.

Nourishments that are rich on beta-carotene are: vegetables of green leaf or with a coloration reddish-orange-yellowish like spinach, carrots, squash among others; and certain fruits such as cherries, apricots, peach and melon among others.

Selenium: related with a lower risk for the emergence of tumors of skin, liver, colon and breasts. Therefore it is related to the functioning of glutathione peroxidase which is an antioxidant enzyme of our organism. It can be found on meat, fishes, cereals, eggs, vegetables and fruits.

Zinc: it favors the formation of new proteins (cell renewal), it gets involved on the fight against free radicals and on the synthesis of enzymes, it also gets involved on the functions of immune system and defenses and favors to the good state of skin and mucosa (elasticity and tonicity of skin). Nourishments that constitute a very good source for zinc on are meat, fishes, whole cereals, eggs and vegetables.

Cupper: it potentiates the immune system; it gets involved on the formation of enzymes, proteins and neuro- transmitters on the brain (cellular renovation and stimulation of nervous system) and it acts as an inflammatory and anti-infective agent. It facilitates the synthesis of collagen and elastin (required for the good state of blood vessels, lungs, cartilage and skin), it acts as an antioxidant protecting cells from toxic effects produced by free radicals and which facilitates the binding of calcium and phosphorus. Nourishments that are rich on cupper are the following: fish, liver, shellfish, whole grains and vegetables.

Amino acids: the most simple components of proteins

Cysteine: this is a non essential amino acid that can be easily produced by the organism without any problem. It is important for the production of enzymes against free radicals, like glutathione peroxidase. Liver and our defenses use it to detoxify the organism.

MegaHydrate: a natural way to fight against oxidation

This is a powerful product that fights against oxidation; it also provides the essential hydration for the whole organism in order to promote a healthy state and wellbeing. MegaHydrate takes advantage of the potential of water as the most favorable way to reestablish nutrients and remove waste from the organism. Without a proper hydration the body is unable to absorb properly all the nourishments contained on food and at the same time for removing the toxins and waste.

MegaHydrate provides a real hydration, presenting the following benefits:

  • Increment on cell hydration.
  • Prevents dehydration and symptoms related.